Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A craft a day keeps the doctor away ... right?

Recycling and going green has been the message to consumers for a while now. DIY T.V. shows and craft stores are at an all time high. So what if you combine the two? You get upcycling! Upcycling is taking a used object and finding an alternative purpose for it. MiKrafty is all about DIY projects and upcycling. Throughout 30 days I will be posting the benefits of DIY projects and tutorials. Within next week I will post a tutorial about a tub I turn into a couch! By the end of 30 days I hope thinking of an alterative purpose for an object will become easier. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to upcycle. 


  1. You are really making a couch tub??? I so adore the picture you posted.

    I have been talking with some friends recently about 2 new words "we all" seem to be using lately.....upcycle and repurpose. I am wondering what you feel the differences and similarities the two terms have.

    I LOVE giving new life to supposedly useless items.

    I can't wait to read about your adventures in being GREEN.

  2. I looked up the definition of both terms.

    Repurpose: To reuse for a different purpose, on a long-term basis, without alteration.

    Note WITHOUT alteration.

    Upcycle:To convert (waste materials etc.) into new materials or products of higher quality and greater functionality.

    Note making a product BETTER.

    Great question, I have never really thought about the difference between the two words. Either way, the two words are something we should all think about before we throw something away.