Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I want YOUR suggestions!

     I wanted to start off by telling everyone I forgot to bring my camera back to Ball State, so when I go home this weekend for Spring Break (YAY) I will be sure to post my first tutorial! As I mentioned, it is a claw-foot bathtub that I converted into a love seat! In the mean time, I have been thinking about what people consider being ‘waste’ that could actually be upcycled.  I find myself thinking of something that could be reused, then the next second thinking that there is no other use for it. I have a proposition for you. Comment below an object you would like to be upcycled. I will pick one of your suggestions and get back with you guys after I have thought of a way to upcycle it!

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  1. cloth napkins? what can u make out of that?

    1. cloth roses, a table runner, tea towels?

  2. i would say chewed gum... but that is really gross. ummm... how about broken supplies that were for school. like a pen that busted, or pencils that broke..etc =)