Saturday, March 3, 2012

Check out how I turned a claw-foot bathtub into a couch!

I must admit that I got this idea from It was such a great idea I couldn't help myself from making my own! Let's think for a minute ... where would this bathtub be if it wasn't for me?

Yep, it would be in a landfill. 

Or it could be stored in a creepy basement. 

In this photo it is in my uncle's garage waiting for its make-over! 

At first we did not know how we were going to cut the side of the tub. The side we wanted to cut off is the side we practiced cutting on. We found that a 4 inch flat wheel grinder worked the best. Oh, this is my uncle Chris! 

Next we made an outline for my uncle Chris to line up with while cutting the tub.

Uncle Chris cutting the tub!

Some of the porcelain chipped off and the cast iron was very sharp after the cut. So my dad beveled the edges of the tub. 

We cleaned the tub off, then painted the outside a 'frosty blue.'

The grinder took off all the old paint and rust from the feet. I picked a plum purple spray paint. 

Since there are no cushions for the bottom of a tub, we made our own! We bought 3 yards of material. Also, make sure it is material that can stand wear and tear.  

Draw the outline of the cushion on the foam. 

Cut out the material and sew the patterned sides together.

Turn the material inside out and stuff the foam into it. You may need to stuff the corners of the cushion with stuffing so it will give it a smoother look. 

This is the Love Tub all finished! Oh and that is my cat Pickle! 

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