Monday, March 12, 2012

A coffee table upcycled into an ottoman!

Yep, you heard right! I took a coffee table and turned it into an ottoman! The first Saturday of the month is 50% off store wide at Goodwill! So, let's just say this is the prime time for my mom and I to go Goodwill shopping. I am not afraid to admit it. I SHOP AT GOODWILL! My mom found a round coffee table for $7! This is how my mom and I turned a coffee table into an ottoman!
This was the coffee table at the beginning. 
We started  off by cutting foam for the cushion part of the ottoman. We added some material around the side of the coffee table. All of which was attached with spray adhesive. 
Next, we stapled some cheap white material around the cushion so we could contain all of the cushioning. The material for the outside of the ottoman is outdoor canvas. This material only cost $13 a yard. You just pull the material up the side of the table really tight, then take a staple gun to staple it to the bottom. 
You have to cut the material where the legs insert. (This is just depending on what type of table you are using to make an ottoman.)
Lastly, we stained the legs of the coffee table a dark brown. Of course I had to sand off the old paint first. Just dip an old rag into the stain then wipe WITH the grain. I think it looks better than painting the legs. 
Put it all back together and BAM! You have a ottoman!

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