Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Customize Your Toms

They are shoes made out of canvas. I love my Toms because they are easy to get on and match just about everything. But my Toms are not Toms! They are Aloha Islands (a brand by Shoe Show). They look just like Toms just a different man on the tag. Also, Kohl's has a brand call So! This is how I made my 'Toms' custom.
This is my quick sketch of the owl and what colors I plan on painting where. Do the planning now so that you do not mess up! I used the little bottles of fabric paint.

I used a washable marker to map out where the owl was going to be. Do not put the details on the inside because, as you see here with the purple, you just paint over it. Think background first then the details. 
Next, add the body part, wings, and eyes. 
This is me painting the shoes!
I added hearts the the back of the shoes!
This is the finished product! You can design them however you want. Just takes a little planning. It took a total of about 3 hours to do the whole project. It only cost $20! I actually made these shoes for my RA as an appreciation gift! She loved them. I encourage you to do this project and let me know how it goes.