Monday, March 19, 2012

Factory storage bin turned into a toy box!

My mom works at a factory in my hometown. She saved this storage bin from being thrown away! Since my dad has 12 other siblings, I have plenty of baby cousins. So we decided to make a toy box for my little cousin! 
This was the storage bin at the beginning. 
First we spray painted the inside a dark brown. 
Next we used a staple gun to attach the cushioning on the outside, then staple the material on top of the cushioning. You only staple the mater at the bottom of the storage bin, then pull the material over the side and staple it on the inside of the bin. 
We used two different materials for the toy box. Also, we added ribbon on the corners of the box to give it more of a smooth look. 
After everything is done, this is what it looks like! So think before something is thrown away!