Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I love Pinterest!

I love Pinterest! Pinterest is an online pinboard where you pin pictures (when clicked on they link back to the website they came from) of whatever interests you. Whenever I am on Pinterest, I always find something that looks yummy or that I want to make. The way I see Pinterest is it's like you are chatting with your girlfriends about the cute dress or the hot new actor you found. I also see it as a neighbor you trade recipes or DIY ideas with. The best part is all you have to do is get on Pinterest!

Pinterest's audience is made up of over 80% women; therefore, most subjects on Pinterest are geared towards women. I told a guy friend of mine about Pinterest and his response to me was the first thing he saw when he looked at Pinterest was cupcakes and a naked Bradley Cooper sitting in a bathtub. Yep, that sounds about right.

Since posting my upcycling projects to Pinterest my blog has gotten more views. Also, my upcycling projects were repinned and liked by people I didn't even know. One girl thought my Love Tub was meant as a dog bed. I guess it could be but that is a lot of time and money for a dog bed. Do you use Pinterest? What do you think is so appealing about Pinterest?


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest!! I enjoy the creativity the ideas set off in my head. Sometimes I am amazed at how simple an idea is and wonder why I hadn't thought of it on my own. I think the advantage of using Pinterest for ideas and inspiration is details. Lots of times when sharing with friends in person we get side tracked and don't thoroughly share all of the information needed for a project. (mammaw darling, an amazing baker, would intentionally leave out a small detail of a recipe when sharing. Nothing to make the persons attempt fail but the little special something she did to make it outstanding) With Pinterest I feel like I get the complete breakdown and sometimes a full tutorial in video format.

  2. I completely agree! Also, I feel like since you have the base of the tutorial it really allows you to make it your own. However, once mom Halee and I tried to cut a glass bottle with the tutorial we found on Pinterest, yeah it didn't work. I thought about just taking the tutorials off of Pinterest and being like the Myth Busters. ha