Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Last. Blog Post. EVER.

I hate to say this, but I am kind of happy this is over. I guess at the beginning of this experience I did not prepare myself for the difficultly of this project. My goal was to complete 5 projects by the end of 30 days. Well I completed 7! I feel so accomplished. Not only do I get the satisfaction of saying I completed my goal, but also I now own a Love Tub, ottoman, braided bracelet, roman shade, candle holder, toy box,   and Toms!
On average I spent 4 hours on each project. This estaminet only includes the time actually doing the project. It does not include: the time spent gathering materials, the time spent thinking of something to upcycle, the time to take pictures for tutorial, or the time spent to put up tutorials. That's a lot of time. Need I need to mention how much each project cost. Nope! I will just take this time once again to thank my awesome PARENTS!
What are the benefits of upcycling? DIY/upcycling projects are great! They save money and are unique. I got to spend more time with my mom and my dad because of this project. We also worked as a team (a team that my argue about which way we should do it because we are stubborn and want to do it our way then say NANANA I told you I was right!) Every Saturday morning my mom and I would go to Goodwill/yard sales to find something to upcycle. I loved the feeling of making something myself and saving it from just being wasted. Not going to lie I liked showing off what I made to others; however, I was nice enough to share with you how to do it yourself! On a side note, I learned how to spell tutorial though this project! At the beginning I would always spell it 'tourorial.' Not really sure why, but I just realized through this post that I can now spell tutorial without even thinking about it!
I hope I inspired you guys. If not that, I hope I have entertained you. Thanks for your time!
Mikayla Carpenter

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